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Smart Indoor Climate Control & 
Air Quality Management
Picture of Kobi Manzaly

Kobi Manzaly

Kobi Manzaly is Sensibo's Director of Sales and Business Development. He has been leading sales & partnerships in Sensibo for over three years and is an expert in smart IoT solutions, integrations, and SAAS.

How Smart AC Controllers Can Help You Comply With Operation Thermostat
Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today, and reducing our energy consumption is a key component in combating it. Air ...
What are TVOCs, and why do you need to start tracking them?
You might not have heard of volatile organic compounds (VOC), but you certainly encounter them daily. VOCs refer to a group of carbon-containing parti...
Why homeowners should be tracking CO2 levels in their homes
CO₂ in the air might not sound that alarming, considering it is a gas we release every time we exhale, which is why not many homeowners or renters are...
Air Quality Awareness is trending - Here’s the fresh take
What has been a longstanding global concern, indoor air quality is finally getting the attention it deserves. A growing body of evidence is showing th...
These 5 Technologies are taking on the Next Heatwave
Summer is officially here and it’s hotter than ever. The start of 2022 is already seeing record-breaking temperatures. In fact it’s the fifth warmest ...
Is the Air Quality Inside Your Home Worse Than Outside?
When you think of air pollution, you probably think of large cities, cars commuting through traffic and industrial smokestacks stemming from factories...

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