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Sensibo Blog

Smart Indoor Climate Control & 
Air Quality Management
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What Temperature To Set The Air Conditioner When Away in Summer?
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How to Purify Air in Home From Dust? Make Your Home Healthier
One thing that you can change to improve your living space is the indoor air quality. It is essential because it affects the quality of the air we bre...
What is The Best Humidity Level for a Home in Summer? Make The Humidity Ideal
The amount of water vapor in the air is called humidity. Humidity is a really important part of how comfortable and healthy a place is inside, especia...
Do Air Purifiers Remove Pollen Effectively? Choose the Right Purifier
Pollen is the delicate powder plants produce during their reproductive cycles. It is composed of tiny, dust-like grains that carry the male genetic ma...
How to Keep House Cool in Summer? 7 Key Things You Should Know
High outside temperatures in the summertime can rapidly cause interior temperatures to rise, making it challenging to maintain a comfortable temperatu...
Summer Home Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Home Comfortable
There are numerous reasons for summer home maintenance, but above all, summer home maintenance ensures that your home remains safe, and comfortable du...
How to Reset Air Conditioner: Guide for Safe AC Reset
Air conditioners are essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, but they can sometimes require a reset to function correctly. Common ...
What is the Major Advantage of Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems?
When deciding on an air conditioning system for a home or commercial space, the most common choices are central AC systems, window units, and the grow...

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