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Is the Air Quality Inside Your Home Worse Than Outside?

3 minute read

HEPA filter

When you think of air pollution, you probably think of large cities, cars commuting through traffic and industrial smokestacks stemming from factories. And while most people do live in urbanized areas, air pollution is still probably not on the top of their minds, especially as they can find a safe haven from the sullied outdoors inside their homes. 

But our homes are actually not the safest places for us to run to when the outdoor air quality drops and that’s because the air quality in our homes may even be worse than the outside! 

Indoor pollution is 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollution

Yikes. Is that even possible? Well, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States it is. Their latest reports show that there is a growing body of scientific evidence that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoors, even in the largest and most industrialized cities. The EPA has estimated that the levels of indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels and can even reach over 100 times more polluted. 

This is pretty bad considering people spend most of their time indoors and the time hanging at home was only exacerbated during the pandemic. When the air we breathe is full of pollutants it makes our lungs work harder to do their jobs. Our lungs are responsible for bringing in fresh air into our bodies and removing waste particulates back into the air. But if we’re breathing in harmful particles, then our lungs are not going to accomplish what they need to do! This can cause serious adverse health effects especially for those who already have respiratory issues like asthma. 

Indoor pollution comes from our everyday chores 

It’s understandable where the outdoor air pollution originates (cars, factories etc.) but where does indoor pollution even come from? 

Dust and dander are the largest culprits for lowering air quality indoors and the ones found in basically every home and building . They can dirty up the air even when homes are kept clean because they are invisible to the naked eye. There are other pollutants too, that come from cleaning supplies, building materials and furnishing that not only contribute to poorer air quality but also can lead to health complications like respiratory and heart problems and in some cases premature death. Some pollutants that come from daily chores like cleaning and cooking can be carcinogenic or even radioactive. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from household products, mold and cigarettes are also largely responsible for poor indoor air quality. 

Improve your indoor air quality

Indoor air pollution can be harmful to anyone regardless of age and health status but children are more susceptible to particle pollution because they breathe more rapidly than adults. That’s why to keep a healthy home for your family and pets you should seriously consider improving your indoor air quality and it is actually not hard to do. 

The EPA recommends to ensure you have adequate ventilation through your homes especially when you engage in those activities that lend themselves to indoor air pollution. So while you cook, clean, paint or furnish your home, make sure your windows are open to allow pollutants to escape your hallways. However, this might not always be possible for those in homes without proper windows or live in very polluted areas. Therefore, consider taking a proactive approach in cleaning your air. This can be done with air purifiers and air quality monitoring. 

Not all air cleaners and monitors work the same though and you should research the models with the most optimal technology and equipment. The effectiveness of air cleaners depends on how well it can collect pollutants and how much air it can filter through, according to the EPA. That’s why Sensibo’s products offer only the best and most effective air cleaning solutions that not only work to remove air pollutants from the air but work for you. Sensibo Pure purifies the indoor air and is connected to the Sensibo app to constantly monitor and notify users of indoor air quality levels. It also has sensors and smart technology to turn high filtration on and off according to levels, without users needing to be on top of it, saving users energy and electricity. Sensibo Air PRO is the world’s first smart air conditioner controller with a built in air quality sensor. This is the first time an AC unit which already works to move air around your home can also work as a monitor. Also connected to the Sensibo application, users can control their AC unit through their phones and keep track of their air quality. Plus, the Sensibo Air PRO connects to any AC unit already found in the home. 

Indoor air pollution can seem daunting but taking control with products that work for you can make it easier and accessible to clean your home. After all, we deserve to breathe in the best. 

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