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Smart Indoor Climate Control & 
Air Quality Management
Picture of Juan Iglesias-Lopez

Juan Iglesias-Lopez

Juan Iglesias-Lopez is our head of customer success and local know-it-all. He is a source for knowledge on a number of topics and combined with his deep knowledge of the Sensibo product suite he is always focused on customer satisfaction.

Global Warming is Making Allergy Season Even Worse: Here’s What to know
While the warm temperature and blooming flowers are anticipated by many, those with allergies fear spring’s annual arrival. And this year it will only...
Heat Waves are Coming: Here’s what they’re all about:
Twenty-twenty one was one of the seven warmest years on record according to the World Meteorological Organization. And 2022, is already facing signifi...
Why are people becoming increasingly concerned about indoor air pollution?
As we continue to adapt to the pandemic, COVID-19 restrictions are now easing and workers are mostly allowed to return to the office. Many people are ...
Choosing the Best AC for your home
Not all homes are built the same and therefore your air conditioners shouldn’t be either. If you are one of those without a central air system, the th...
What is the ideal temperature for my home?
Are you and your loved ones or coworkers in a constant battle over the thermostat? Well apparently around 75% of Americans argue over the thermostat. ...
How Often Should I Clean My Air Conditioner Filters
Ever wake up from what should have been a restful night sleep only to wake up with a cocktail of cold and flu symptoms? From a nasty cough or stuffed ...
How to keep your house cool in extreme heat
If you're an avid follower of your weather app or even if you’re not, you’ve surely noticed that in the last few years you’ve lived through more heat ...
How a Smart Air Purifier Can Improve your Quality of Life
The Coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new era of air quality consciousness. Discussions about air filtration on airplanes, transmissibility of air...

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