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It’s Summer Time, is Your AC Ready to Handle the Heat?

3 minute read

HEPA filter

Summer is here and for some of you that means day trips, pool time or surfing and for others it could mean relaxing and catching up on reading, tv and old hobbies as the days grow longer. While everyone enjoys their long summer days differently, one thing everyone unanimously agrees on: their air conditioner is essential during the hot season. 

Your AC is your best friend and trusted ally during the high temperatures of June through early September and around 68% of households run their AC's during this time. While we long for the burst of cold air after a day in the scorching sun, there’s a lot more to AC's than their crisp relief. 

Since we rely so much on our air conditioners, here are some things you should know while you use them:

AC is not always good for the environment 

Don’t worry there are still ways to have an eco-friendly AC system in your home, but it's important to be aware of some of the ways AC's are harming the environment. AC's are complex machines that use a cooling agent, like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), to chill the air that comes through it. HFC and CFC are chemicals that contribute to earth’s ozone depletion. 

Additionally, AC's require a lot of energy to work. Electricity works when fossil fuel is burned and this releases carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into our environment. The average AC consumes 3000 to 5000 watts of electricity per hour, contributing to about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide every year

But no need to question whether to suffer the heat for the sake of the planet, keeping cool can be environmentally friendly too, if you do it right. Updating your units to eco-friendlier models made of recyclable materials is one way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are not up for the immediate investment, you can still update your existing AC units with a smart AC system like Sensibo Air, which is an affordable solution to controlling your old unit and will help you save energy and money for your AC. 

AC is not always good for your health 

No need to fret because there is good news at the end of this paragraph too, but you should know how your AC could be affecting your health. The ducts in your AC collect dust and bacteria or even mold over time and if you don’t clean your AC’s filters, you could be breathing in unclean air. If you're feeling stuffy, dizzy, or fatigue, these could be signs that you're catching something from the air particles in your home. With the Sensibo Shield and anti-viral filters you can filter and neutralize all of these pollutants .

Indoor air pollution is often overlooked because pollution is thought to be from large factories and cities, but even your home can be filled with pollutants affecting your health overtime. But as before, there is good news; it’s easy to keep your AC's clean. You can hire professional help, but many models have easy removable filters that you can soak, rinse and reuse. You can also easily replace filters if they’ve suffered some time.  

Another cool trick is to monitor your home's indoor air quality. You can do this with sensing smart solutions, like Sensibo Air PRO, which allows you to not only control your AC unit, but monitor for harmful pollutants in your home to help manage your home’s air quality. 

Like any friend, AC needs your help


As your closest companion this summer, it's your AC's job to keep you cool but your AC needs your help too. AC's work even harder against a hot room to restore comfort, using more energy to overcome intense heat. Therefore, help your AC's from overworking. Keep rooms naturally cooler when the AC is off, by closing shades and blinds during the day and opening small window cracks in your home for fresh air circulation.

Additionally, you can always take more control of your AC unit by turning it on/off or changing temperatures to help extend the AC’s life and keep it from over exhaustion. Sensibo Air and Air PRO make this even easier, by giving you the control you need from anywhere. Prepare your home's temperature before you arrive, letting your unit ease into the heat or let Sensibo’s algorithms help you define triggers and schedules to set the right temperature for you. 

Your AC unit might need an upgrade this summer

We’re not telling you to abandon your friend, but you can’t deny that a good makeover scene pivotal to an ugly duckling's success, makes for a great classic summer rom-com. Accordingly, all your AC needs is a simple makeover. Updating your AC with a programmable or smart thermostat provides seamless comfort. When you are away, the smart thermostat will raise the temperature so that your system is not working too hard or you’re not paying for cool air unused by occupants. 

Updating can be as easy too. Look for portable technologies that can instantly transform your old unit to a smart one with a simple installation. Sensibo Air and Sensibo Air PRO can take any basic AC and change it to a Smart unit, controlled by the tips of your fingertips from anywhere. Additionally, their features offer accurate climate control, air quality snoring, scheduling and more all to give the ultimate AC upgrade. 

This summer is going to be hot and as we rely on our best partners this summer to beat the heat, help your AC work its best. 

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