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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Home Comfortable

7 minute read

There are numerous reasons for summer home maintenance, but above all, summer home maintenance ensures that your home remains safe, and comfortable during the warmer months. When it gets hot, homes begin to take on new issues; cooling systems run more, and the warm weather tends to cause damage. When properly maintained, you can help avoid making many unexpected repairs, protect important systems from wear and tear, and improve the overall performance of your home.

A well-kept house is not only cooler in the summer, but also more comfortable inside. For example, ensuring your air cooling is working well relieves it from stress, so it doesn't break down in a heatwave when needed. Updating your insulation and making sure there aren't leaks in your windows and doors will keep the cool air inside and the hot air out. You'll be more comfortable in your home while using less energy.

Regular roof and gutter inspections, necessary repairs, and maintenance schedules may also help prevent water damage from storms that can pop up during the summer months. Proper gardening and outdoor space maintenance can leave your home looking better and working better, such as by providing shade or natural cooling. Seasonal home maintenance checklist is something any homeowner should do since it not only makes your home safer and more comfortable but also saves you money and energy in the long run.

Check the HVAC system

  • Check and change the air filters. It is essential to check and replace the air filters in your air conditioning system serviced on a regular basis to keep the air clean and make sure the system works well. When filters are dirty, they block airflow, making the system work harder. This can make it cost more to run and last less long. If you use your filters a lot, check them once a month and change them at least every three months.
  • Professional HVAC maintenance should be scheduled. To keep your HVAC system working well, have a professional check it out once a year. A qualified technician will check your system or ceiling fans for problems like low coolant levels and worn-out parts that you might need to notice yourself. This preventative method keeps your system running as efficiently as possible and keeps it from breaking down in the middle of summer.
  • Clean and check the air vents. Make sure that all of your home's air vents are clean and not blocked. Vents can get blocked by furniture, curtains, or rugs, which stops air from flowing and makes your system work less well. Cleaning the vents of dust and other garbage also makes the air healthier and makes your cooling system work better overall.

Use AC Controllers 

  • Monitoring energy usage is another key aspect. AC controllers come with features that track your energy consumption. Regularly check these reports to understand your usage patterns and make adjustments to reduce energy waste and lower utility costs.
  • Remote access and control provide convenience and efficiency. Use a smartphone app to adjust the temperature from anywhere. This way, you can ensure your home is cool when you arrive without running the AC all day.
  • For homes with zoned HVAC systems, manage different zones independently through your AC controller. This allows you to cool only the areas in use, resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Regular maintenance of your AC controller is essential. Keep the software up-to-date to benefit from the latest improvements in functionality and efficiency. Routine checks on the controller can also prevent potential issues.
  • Creating a cooling schedule aligned with your daily routine is beneficial. Program the AC to start cooling shortly before you wake up or return home from work, ensuring a comfortable environment without unnecessary energy consumption.

Seal and Insulate Your Home

  • Look at the insulation in the walls and attic. To keep cool air inside during the summer, you need to make sure that your attic and walls are adequately insulated. Check your insulation to make sure it's spread out and intact enough. By keeping inner temperatures stable, upgrading insulation when it's needed can cut cooling costs significantly and make people more comfortable.
  • Door and window seals. Your HVAC system will work less well if there are gaps in your windows and doors that let hot air in and cool air out. Look for drafts and fix any leaks you find with weather stripping or glue. This straightforward thing you can do can help keep the temperature inside more stable and use less energy.
  • Check and seal the ductwork. Leaky pipes can lose up to 30% of airflow, making your HVAC system work less well. Check your lines for any signs of damage or disconnections. Sealing and insulating the pipes in rooms without air conditioning will make your air conditioner work much better.

Upkeep for the Roof and Gutters

  • Check the roof for damage. The condition of your roof affects your house's overall weather resistance and insulation. Look for missing or broken shingles and possible weak spots. Things should be fixed before summer storms happen, so early summer is the best time to do so.
  • Fix up and clean the gutters. Keep your drains free of debris, such as leaves and twigs, that could obstruct them and cause water to accumulate. Overflowing gutters may negatively impact your roof and walls and prove to be very expensive to repair. Overall, cleaning up and addressing any damage the summer rains inflict regularly will help you handle them effectively.
  • Look for signs of water damage or leaks. After a storm, inspect your house for any signs of water damage or leaks. Inside your house, check for water spots on your ceiling and walls. Water spots indicate that your roof is leaking. A leaking roof has to be addressed as soon as possible because it can save you from mold growth and structural damage, thus saving the structural integrity of your house and interior air.

Landscaping and Outdoor

  • Trim shrubs and trees. Trimming your trees and flowers from time to time keeps them healthy, enhances the appearance of your property, and protects branches from causing damage to your house when storms come. It also prevents plants from blocking airflow around outdoor HVAC units, reducing their efficiency and requiring more maintenance.
  • Maintain your garden and lawn. Summer can be tormenting to gardens and grounds. If you would like to keep your green areas lush and healthy, you have to water them in the early morning or late at night so that not much water evaporates. Also, you have to mulch around your plants to help them retain moisture, keep weeds away, and maintain the soil at the perfect temperature.
  • Maintain your deck and patio. Inspect the patio and deck for damage or wear, for example, loose boards or unstable fences. Wooden decks can be protected from long-term damage caused by ultraviolet light and water by periodic cleaning and resealing. The maintenance of these areas not only guarantees safety but also increases durability and functionality.

Windows and Doors Maintenance

  • Clean window screens and windows. Washing windows and screens improves visibility and makes them more energy-efficient. More natural light is absorbed, and there is less need for artificial lighting. Open windows with clean screens allow more airflow and keep insects out.
  • Check weatherstripping and seals. Inspect the weatherstripping and seals on doors and windows to make sure they are not damaged or deteriorated. Proper insulation can save you money in energy costs by allowing less cool air to escape in summer, thereby reducing the load on your air conditioner.
  • Consider sun-blocking window treatments. Installing sun-blocking shades, curtains, or reflective films can significantly reduce heat gain from the sun. This will lower your interior temperature and reduce the load on your air conditioner. These treatments will also protect floors and furnishings from fading due to the sun's ultraviolet light.

Plumbing and Water Systems

  • Check for leaks. Regularly inspect all plumbing fixtures and lines to check for leaks. Leaks can waste gallons of water and cause long-term damage. It is essential to locate and repair problems quickly during summer months before mold can grow and damage occurs.
  • Inspect irrigation and sprinkler systems. Now is the perfect time to go around your lawn and get your sprinklers and irrigation systems working correctly so you don't waste water overwatering your plants, which is terrible for their health and wasteful. Look for any leaks and broken lines; move sprinkler heads to avoid watering non-landscaping features like sidewalks and roads.
  • Water heater performance. While water heaters are used less intensively to draw hot water during the summer, now is also an excellent time to ensure their performance. Flush the tank to get rid of sediment buildup, which can make it work inefficiently and last less. Also, inspect for corrosion or leakages, especially around the links and fittings, to ensure the system works well.

Smarten and Upgrade Your Home Automation

  • Change how thermostats are set up. Now that summer is approaching, you need to make a few changes to your AC to keep your home cozy and energy-efficient. Leave your house warmer on the thermostat while you are away, and cool it down just before you get back. Also, save energy when you go away on vacations for a longer time by putting these gadgets on the "Vacation" mode.
  • Keep your lights on longer during the day. Change the settings of your automated lighting gadgets to make the most of the extended daylight. To save energy, make sure that the lights are on late at night and off early in the morning. Consider including motion monitors or timers with your lights to make them work better and save even more energy.
  • Improve your security for summer travel. Please set up your home security system and get it working right before you take off on summer vacation. Change any settings that need to be changed, like alert limits or the sensitivity of how the camera gets activated. Adding smart locks, which can be controlled and viewed from anywhere, will provide additional peace of mind when one is away.

Get Ready for Possible Emergencies

  • Check the carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Make sure that all of your home's smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working correctly. Check each one and change the batteries as needed. This is very important because higher temps can shorten the life of batteries and make devices less useful.
  • Prepare for bad weather and power outages. Make a plan for when the power might go out or bad weather happens, which happens more often in the summer. Include ways to stay in touch, keep food fresh, and stay calm when the power goes out. It can also be helpful to buy extra power options like generators or solar chargers.

Cleaning and Getting Rid of Clutter

  • Deep clean the inside of your home. The summer is a great time to do this. Pay attention to places you might forget about at other times of the year, like under furniture, on high shelves, and around appliances. This helps get rid of allergens and improves the air in your home overall.
  • Clean up storage and living spaces. Clear out the bedrooms, shared areas, and storage areas of clutter. It's easier to clean and maintain these areas during the busy summer months, and getting rid of things you don't need makes more room. You should give away things you don't need or use anymore.
  • Sort out the garage and shed. During the summer, you may need different kinds of tools and gear, like gardening goods and outdoor activities. Set up your garage or shed so that these things are easy to access. Now is also an excellent time to clean, check, and fix tools and other equipment.

Seasonal care is essential to keep your home in great shape so that it is safe, comfortable, and efficient all year long. By taking care of the needs of each season ahead of time, homeowners can avoid problems and expensive repairs that could happen if they don't. During the summer, for example, maintenance includes making sure that air conditioners work well and that cooling systems are ready for the heat. It also includes protecting against damage from storms and heat waves. Regular updates and checks on your home automation, security systems, and emergency preparations can also make your home work better and protect your family. Seasonal maintenance isn't just about fixing things; it's also about getting your home ready to be the safest and coziest place possible, no matter what the season is.

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