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Keep Your AC Cool for Winter

2 minute read

HEPA filter

The holiday season is upon us - and maybe you spent ages planning on the perfect gift for your loved ones, or maybe some gifts fell short of expectations.

Either way, although the season is associated with warm and fuzzy feelings, the weather can actually provide both warm and cool weather - often going from one to the other within just a few hours. That means that your AC needs to pull double-duty during this time. After all, don't you deserve to be both cool and/or warm in your own home?

From Cooling to Heating - Your AC Does It All

But, before we get into the “hows”, let’s first get into the ‘Whys” and “whats”: what really is air conditioning? You might hear ‘air conditioning’ and think it means the same as “air cooling” – but that’s where you’d be wrong.

A better way of thinking about it would be that your AC unit “conditions” your room’s temperature…meaning it tries to keep your room at the right temperature, all year round. Whether that’s keeping it cool during the summer months, warm in the winter or both warm and cool during the spring or fall, that means your AC is only working as it should when you’re at a comfortable temperature. ACs aren’t the same as heating systems which, as the name suggests, only keep your room warm: air conditioners do both warmth and cooling. And, with the Sensibo Air or Sky, your AC can do both automatically…without you even needing to be there! 

HEPA filter

Sensibo Sky: Climate-Controlled Comfort, Whatever the Weather  

Here’s the thing: During winter, you’re not looking to be either frozen or boiled in the comfort of your own home: you’re looking to be comfortable.

When the temperature can wildly swing between ‘boiling’ and ‘freezing’, you need a climate-control method that keeps up with you. And climate control isn’t just about keeping you the correct temperature.

The Sensibo Air can easily detect and manage a room’s humidity, temperature and ‘feels like’ temperature, meaning all you need to do is set the temperature you’re comfortable with in the Sensibo app, and let your AC do the rest. 

HEPA filter

Sensibo protects your home with smart humidity control

Here is the good news - if you don’t have such a system, you don’t need to replace your entire air conditioner. The Sensibo Air & Sensibo Sky are a non-expensive add-on that retrofits any AC to make it smart and add humidity control.

With direct access to measurements through our Sensibo Air device, we pulled some data and found that over 22% of our users’ homes are currently within the temperature/humidity infection danger zone.

With our Climate React tech that uses Sensibo Air's  precise temperature and humidity sensors, these users can now keep their families safer, by enabling the virus protection mode.

HEPA filter

Sensibo protects your home with smart humidity control

Viruses like the coronavirus tend to stick to dust particles, spreading the virus in the air for a longer period of time. Clogged filters increase the amount of dust and water can accumulate inside the AC, making it a brewing place for dangerous bacteria. The Sensibo App keeps track of your usage patterns and informs you when is the best time to clean your air conditioner filters.

Be in control of your air conditioning today

For more information about the Sensibo Air or Sensibo Sky click here.

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