Australian Energy Company Gets On Board the Sensibo Bandwagon

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The environment is so important, that even Australian energy company Powercor is getting on board with decreasing energy usage. 

In a first-of-its-kind decision, Powercror partnered with 3,000 local Victorian residents to trial the use of a Sensibo in each home. Their goal is to reduce the amount of energy used by residents during the hottest summer months and avoid system overloads and blackouts. 

Each home received a Sensibo device, allowing the Sensibo to take over control of the resident’s ACs in the hopes of minimizing the amount of energy used. 

Sensibo Devices Save $50K

As of January 2019, Powercor announced that the Sensibo device saved 1000 homes in Victoria’s Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula a combined total of $50 000 AUD, as well as helped reduce the overall energy demand in the region. 

Powercor reported that one day of using this device helped save enough electricity to power more than 200 homes. 

With the world’s leading scientists giving us 12 years to turn around the effects of global warming, many governments are now working toward achieving climate-saving goals outlined in the Paris agreement. Powercor is one such body working to reduce the amount of energy used by air conditioners during the hottest and coldest months. 

Sensibo Sky: A Wonder Device

The Sensibo Sky helps with achieving these goals through power-saving features, including:

  • A 7-day scheduling system which allows a user to pre-set the desired times in which the AC should turn on and off, even when the user is not at home. 
  • A climate control system, where the Sensibo will trigger the AC to turn on based on the temperature or humidity and climate in the room. If the temperature rises above the desired temperature range (say 26 degrees) the Sensibo will trigger the AC to turn on and cool the room. Once the room has cooled to the lower end of the pre-set temperature range (say, 20 degrees), then the Sensibo will switch off the AC. 
  • Location services, where the Sensibo detects if the user has left their home. If the user has left their home, Sensibo will turn off the AC, avoiding unnecessary use of electricity. 

These factors help users to save money and energy – an important step toward sustainable energy use and the protection of the environment. 

You can read here for more information on the Powercor trial. 

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