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5 Things You Can Do to Save Energyand Lower the Electricity Cost of Your AC

3 minute read

HEPA filter

Saving money is really tough: sometimes, it can even feel like you have to give up the most basic comforts. 

That doesn’t have to be the case, if you’re smart about how you’re spending your money. You don’t have to give up using your air conditioner or having a Netflix account. There are a few simple things you can do at home to cut costs and keep more money in your bank account at the end of each month.  

Invest in a Sensibo AC Controller

Your air conditioner is probably one of the biggest expenses you have. However, with summer here and winter on its way, you can’t help but turn it on to be able to survive the heat (and maybe the humidity too!)

It’s almost a choice between comfort and money. By investing in a Sensibo, there’s no choice, and you get to save!  

Its innovative geolocation feature turns on and off your AC automatically, whenever you or a family member get within a certain limit of your AC! For example, if you set the geolocation feature to turn on at 100 meters, your AC will turn on once you pass that distance. Similarly, the feature can tell when you’re out of that distance and will turn off the AC too. There’s no need for scheduling, and no more worries that you left your AC running – let Sensibo do the worrying for you! 

The Sensibo Sky also has a cool (ha!) ability to turn your AC on and off, or change the operation mode once the room temperature reaches a certain point, humidity or “feels like” temperature: the Climate React feature. Just preset the app with your preferred temperature ranges, say between 18 and 24 degrees, and set your own rules. When the temperature in the room rises above 24 degrees, Climate React will turn the AC on and start cooling the room… until it reaches 18 degrees, when it will turn your AC off or just switch to fan mode. Et voila – you’ve saved time, money and energy! 

Know When to Replace Your Air Filter

Just like your house becomes dusty, so does your AC filter. And your Sensibo will keep track of exactly when you need to clean them, and let you know! 

But don’t worry, this is exactly as it should be – your filter is designed to catch dust and other litter floating in the air, and circulate clean air in your AC. Keeping your AC clean also helps your AC work properly. If there is a lot of debris stuck in your filters, your AC has to work twice as hard to get cool air out into the room. 

Not only will this double your electricity bill, but it also means that the air traveling through your AC may not necessarily be clean, or even end up clogging the machine itself. 

Replacing your AC’s dirty air filters is simple and easy to do, and may not even require calling a handyman. Check your AC instruction manual to see if this is something you can do yourself. 

Check Your Doors and Windows

Check your windows and doors for leaks, openings or broken seals. With time, leaks and openings can appear and often go undetected, usually causing a costly spike in your electricity bill. 

Any unwanted openings can cause cold air to leak out of the room, while also allowing hot air in…which causes your AC to work double-time to keep you cool in the summer (or warm in the winter). 

Just detecting and fixing these leas will help reduce your AC’s energy use and save you money in the long run. The same principle applies to your fridge and freezer. It’s a good idea to check the seals on your fridge doors are sealing well, keeping the cold air in. 

Add Solar Panels

Though this might sound like an initially high-cost solution, in the long run, the benefits certainly outweigh the cost. 

Solar panels take energy made by the sun and powers your home without you needing to turn on the electricity switch. Not only does this save you money, but it also helps with reducing your impact on the environment – making it a win-win situation all around. 

In an effort to reduce the effects of global warming, most federal governments are currently offering rebates on solar panel installations. Check with your government about what potential rebates may be available to you. 

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

It seems counterintuitive to spend money on appliances when you’re trying to save, yet sometimes this is what saving and efficient use of energy is about. Look into replacing old appliances, such as a 10-year-old fridge, dishwasher or dryer for one made with new, more energy-efficient technology, meaning your costs of using these is reduced overall. This is not only a good way of saving money on your electricity bill, but also the amount of energy consumed on appliances you would be using either way. 

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